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TypeDemolition Contractor Singapore
AddressEunos Ave 6
Company NameDestroy King
SpecialisesReinstatement Singapore
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Demolition Contractor Singapore

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Last Updated: 2nd December 2023

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Demolition Contractor Singapore Developer

Destroy King is proudly developed by Demolition Contractor Singapore, a demolition company specialises in reinstatement works. Demolition Contractor Singapore has handled many projects with a full fledge services including dismantling, hacking, demolition, clearing of debris and other reinstatement works, in short to restore a place back to its original condition. We have teamed up with many other companies and featured in Renovation Singapore.

Demolition Contractor Singapore Location Map

Demolition Contractor Singapore is located at 1011 Eunos Ave 6, Singapore 409623. Location is easy access to Eunos MRT, food market and other construction companies. Demolition Contractor Singapore is strategically located to convenient the general workers to get to other job sites in Singapore easily.

You will find several other construction companies nearby with the Demolition Contractor Singapore location map.

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Kindly book an appointment here or call us at +65 9272 0271 in advance so that we can schedule a site visit. At Demolition Contractor Singapore we are usually out at job sites and pack with other appointments too.

Online registrants who have booked an appointment here will be able to receive Direct Good Price, site visit, quotation and advice. Please be informed that we need a good time frame to handle projects depending on the scale of works. Hence, Demolition Contractor Singapore are on first come first serve basis.

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TypeDemolition Contractor Singapore
AddressEunos Ave 6
Telephone9272 0271
Opening Hours10am - 5pm

Demolition Contractor Singapore

Demolition Contractor Singapore is a Demolition company located at 1011 Eunos Ave 6, Singapore 409623. We specialises in all kinds of reinstatement works for residential, commercial or industrial. Destroy King has always ensure smooth transition from a heavily renovated place into an empty place, in short to restore a space back to its original condition.

Demolition Contractor Singapore is situated right at the Heart of Eunos, within a mere 3 minutes walk to Eunos MRT and other industrial work stations. Many have considered Demolition Contractor Singapore to be in the golden location of Eunos. Able to send workers or equipments down to other parts of Singapore efficiently. Several commercial facilities and amenities are part of our portfolios. Such as International Plaza, Bugis Junction, Illuma @ Bugis, Orchard Central, Paragon, Lucky Plaza, Cineleisure, Takashimaya, Centre Point, Tangs, ION and many more. We have an experience team to support different scale of reinstatement works.

Many reinstatement works projects were successfully completed by Demolition Contractor Singapore. For info – Demolition Contractor Singapore Balance Units

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Demolition Contractor Singapore Can Assist You To Restore A Place

Yes, it can be quite challenging to restore a place back to it’s original condition. Dismantling, hacking, demolition, clearing out debris, all these are part of reinstatement works. Your own household trash is simple, but what if you’ve got fixtures, wallpapers, ceiling works and other big stuffs you can’t just remove it easily and dump into a waste bag and dispose it nearby? You mау bе amaze tо find out how a Demolition Contractor Singapore can help.

A demolition contractor actually does much more than just destroy structural, houses and buildings. Not the simple Katy Perry song, wrecking ball that smash right into a building when you think of these, but most of we as demolition contractors offer more than just services. We also supervise the work for you.

How Demoliton Contractor Singapore can assist you?

Getting Rid Of Fixtures – In Singapore, there are designated area of where you can throw bulky stuffs away. One reason is that it’s not always safe and convenient to destroy these with the same method that we do to small amount of trash. Additionally, metals and copper can be recycled, and a fantastic demolition contractor will be able to handle this for you.

Removing Big Debris – Taking it down and sorting it is never easy, what do you do with them? If you have multiple trash bags full of bricks and rocks or other big size debris it can be challenging to know what to do with them.

Bid Goodbye To Old Furniture – You can leave your sofas, and the town council will come and pick it up, but this is unfortunately not true for commercial areas. Alternatively, youcan hire us as professionals to come remove your old furnitures for you, and this saves you from sweating and by dragging it to who knows where.

Need A Dumpster? – We are a one stop demolition contractor that includes big dumpster. When you are building or doing work, you may need one of them for all those junk. When you’re done with it, we will come and toll it to the location that that has approval for disposal of debris.

Clearing All Debris After Demoliton – What comes with our demolition service is to clear all debris. This means getting rid of stuff in and taking it to dispose at approval site, you cannot just dispose anywhere.

We as Demolition Contractor Singapore can take care of all your trash

May it be Warehouse or store. If you’re moving out and having a mess, commonly office spaces, you might have offices, warehouses, retails, restaurants or cafes that need to be restored back to its original condition. We provide an excellent service that saves you the hassle and time than you would spend looking for someone else to assist you

We have got the power tools, necessary skills and of course experience to eliminate just about anything and settle all junk removal needs, and in Singapore, it is a requirement to dispose those trash to approval disposal site. We also try to clear debrises in the way that’s friendliest into the surroundings.

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